How to build your first MVP

Build first MVP

In my previous blog article, I had introduced to you the basic concept and definition of an MVP – Minimum Viable Product. We learnt that an MVP is the least designable version that provides your user with the core, most important functionality of the product. Now that you have a fair idea of what can MVP is and what are the benefits of an MVP in a product development process, let’s discuss how can you go about building your first

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Hourly: Building a mobile app in 4 days

How it started I was between projects. I like the downtime because it gives me a chance to catch up with new things. One of them was Firebase, something I had read up on and that we had discussed during a team discussion. Now I’ve worked on two apps that used MBAAS platforms. One was Shephertz, an Indian provider. It generally left me underwhelmed, because at the time I adopted it the platform needed work with the core SDKs and its querying

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