The SEO series – Part 2: 5 ways on how to choose the correct SEO partner.

In an age where marketing is more inclined towards digital as its medium, the popularity of SEO has increased manifold. For companies of any size, it is the perfect cost-effective marketing tool to gain more business opportunities and to increase the brand popularity. However, SEO is like a sharp knife. Give it in the hands of a good chef, a tool of the Gods. In hands of a novice, havoc. Therefore, in this piece, we will recommend 5 ways that

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The SEO series – Part 1: Origin and its necessity in the current market.

The history of SEO is a pretty unique one, as there is no particular Eureka moment. Instead, it progressively developed from a marketing tool for major search engines to the giant phenomena that it is today. With the rise of mainstream websites, it was discovered that results of the search engines can be tweaked with simple but unethical methods and thus, more money can be made. As a result, there was a drop in quality of the search results. This

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Rapid sketching on the go

By Yashmi Khatak Art, the great leveler Traveling to work and back everyday, or just taking a trip across the city in the Metro or the public transport, you get to observe so many interesting things and so many interesting people around you. Being an avid traveler and a passionate artist who lives in the colourful city of Mumbai, I always have a sketchbook and pencil handy with me. In this age of smartphones, when you can click as many

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