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5 essential elements for a modern website design

Nikita Roy

Your website is the mirror to your business. Everything that your business is and stands for, is reflected through your website. Website design has come a long way from the days where they were used to essentially cram up all the information about a business without giving a thought to the visual aesthetics or usability. Modern websites focus majorly on user experience and usability factors.

Over the last few years, brands and online businesses have revamped and redesigned their websites to make them cleaner, richer and more user-friendly.

In my previous blogs on 5 signs you need a website redesign and website design trends for 2018, you can read up on whether your business needs a website revamp and the latest trends in website design elements that you can incorporate in 2018.

Modern website design needs to fulfill two basic functions: usability and functionality.  You should focus on providing pleasing user experience. Your website should be easy to navigate and should not have distracting elements. Your users should enjoy navigating around your website.

So, if you are thinking about redesigning your website to modernize it, here are 5 essential elements that your website must have:

Minimal design

The concept of minimalism has seen exponential growth over the last couple of years. When it comes to website design, less is always more. Minimalistic website design allows your website users to focus on the task. It makes the process of navigation easier by keeping the look of the website clean.

To have a minimalistic website, web designers try to create harmony between the most important elements of the website. There is a good amount of white or negative space. A modern website does not have too many elements lying around. Minimal design is easier to manage, has a quick load time and gives your brand a professional look.

Mobile friendly (Responsive design)

I cannot emphasize on this enough. If your website is not mobile friendly in this age, it’s as bad as not having a website at all. Here are some statistics to drive home the point :

A modern website is responsive across different devices and screen sizes. I have written a separate post on the concepts of responsive design here. When redesigning your website, make sure you test its responsiveness. It should be compatible across devices and the design should be flexible across different screen sizes.

Bold Typography

Textual content is an essential element of any website. With modern websites, typography styles play a big role. All modern website designs incorporate rich, bold typefaces. The text size is usually bigger than 16px. The font color is kept in the shades of black, white and gray depending on the background color.

There is sufficient line spacing to aid readability. And the font is web safe. While redesigning your website into a modern theme, take care not to use a lot of different typefaces. Stick to consistent typography that enhances the look and drives across the message.


No modern website design is complete without great copywriting. Content is king and the adage holds true even with all the modernity of minimalism and visual design.

Having a great website content is one of the most essential tips for your website’s SEOOther than that, good copywriting allows users to understand and interact with your website better. You don’t have to cram up your website with long essays. But don’t go full blank either. Maintain coherence with the right amount of visuals and textual content.

Include the keywords you want to rank for on your website strategically. Have a storyline and use your content to emphasize that. Modern website design is a combination of a great visual design along with a delightful copy.

Consistent Theme

Every page of your website will be different. Usually, your landing pages will be designed more prominently than the inside pages. Having said that, your website’s overall theme should be consistent. Your website should be focussed on one or more definite objectives and all your pages should be designed basis those objectives.

The content on your website and the images used should be consistent with your goals and objectives. A modern website design should be able to tell a story through a consistent theme with the use of colors, images, content and other visual elements. Now that you know the essential elements of a modern website, you are ready to build or redesign your website.

If you need any help with your website design, we are happy to help! Leave us a word here!


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