Digital marketingOctober 25, 2017

5 ways of increasing social media engagement

Suprotim Gupta

In a world where there is no dearth of social media marketing and engagement strategies, quality content always sells. But, quality content won’t alone get you the numbers. You need to understand the platform on which you are posting it. This is exactly where people are bereft of ideas.

‘Where do we start? What do we post? How do we increase the engagement’?

To answer these questions, here are the top 5 ways you can implement, to make the campaign a successful one.

  1. Post tactically.

More posts mean more engagement? Not really. According to Hubspot’s report, it was found out that more than required number of posts in a week lead to less interactions. Why does that happen? Well, you don’t give your users enough time to interact with your previous posts. Thus, it puts the post at a risk of going completely unnoticed.

Limit to one or two posts per day on a particular social media platform. For example, in Facebook’s insights page, you can check the peak hours of your user engagement. This is such a vital information as it helps you strategize the timing of your posts. Post quality content, but wisely.

  1. Make it a visual delight.

Writing posts with good copy is great. But there is a greater sense of interest in browsing through quality standalone pictures and watching videos that convincingly tell a story. Since Facebook users alone watch 100 million hours of videos everyday, it would be safe to conclude that sharing videos will help you engage your fans and followers.

Posting short videos of around length 2 minutes would be ideal. It should tell a story and the copy should be convincing enough for the user to understand what’s in it for him.

  1. Curious and engaging headlines

‘Make the user realize what’s in it for him’ applies very well to this point as well. Headlines like how to do something that will help you experience the desired result or  ‘x’ ways to do something to produce the desired result, creates a curiosity in the minds of the user and compels them to read it further.

  1.  Hold Q&A Sessions

Ask me anything are very popular. Why? Simply because it makes the brands look human. People love having an honest, down-to-earth conversations.

Q&A sessions are a great way provide answers to questions that your followers are not familiar with it. It strengthens the connection between your company and your customers. Various brands and sports teams undertake these Q&A sessions through Facebook live or twitter, which helps the user relate to that particular brand. Q&A sessions are also a great way to inform the public about new products, services, and promotions.

  1. Try surprising your customers

In 2010, Royal Dutch Airline KLM made an exciting campaign to connect with their customers called KLM Surprise at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. They tracked down “how happiness spread’, the campaign involved surprising travellers with unique gifts based on their social networking profiles. This campaign went viral and earned KLM a whooping one million views on their video. Watch it here –

Carrying out campaigns like this, where you reward some of your customers for being loyal to your brand, spreads goodwill among-st people and makes them trust you in buying your product.

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