Social Media Marketing – Expectations vs Reality

social media marketing-expectations vs reality

Are you one of those people who think it must be so cool to be paid for spending time on social media all day? Do you also believe that social media marketing is the easiest and most fun jobs out there? Are you one of those who crib about his or her job and wishes your life were as “easy” as a social media manager? Well, then this blog post is exactly what you need, my friend. Because there are

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5 UX design mistakes you’re probably making. With Solutions.

Have you ever pushed a door that needed to be pulled? Or the other way round? I bet you have, at some point of your life. Well, did you know that there’s a name for these frustrating pieces of design? They are called the Norman door. Coined by Don Norman, in his book The Design of Everyday Things, a Norman door is a badly designed door that confuses a user on whether to pull or push.   According to Don

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How to build your first MVP

Build first MVP

In my previous blog article, I had introduced to you the basic concept and definition of an MVP – Minimum Viable Product. We learnt that an MVP is the least designable version that provides your user with the core, most important functionality of the product. Now that you have a fair idea of what can MVP is and what are the benefits of an MVP in a product development process, let’s discuss how can you go about building your first

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Hourly: Building a mobile app in 4 days

How it started I was between projects. I like the downtime because it gives me a chance to catch up with new things. One of them was Firebase, something I had read up on and that we had discussed during a team discussion. Now I’ve worked on two apps that used MBAAS platforms. One was Shephertz, an Indian provider. It generally left me underwhelmed, because at the time I adopted it the platform needed work with the core SDKs and its querying

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