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Do you need a website redesign- 5 signs to find out.

Nikita Roy

You might think that you don’t require a website redesign for your business right now. After all, your website is technically still functioning and everything looks just fine on the surface. The emotion is understandable. For many people in the marketing world, their first website is like their favorite, albeit old, pair of shoes. There is an emotional attachment that you don’t want to let go. Moreover, a website redesign involves a notable amount of time, effort and money. Hence, most of us are apprehensive about investing in it.

Your website is the very first impression of your business to your users. It is practically your round the clock salesperson. Most people, during their research journey, go through your company’s website as well as your competitors’ before they make a purchase decision. So even if you think you don’t need to consider a revamp of your website, you might want to think again! At Dreamscape, we are into the business of designing websites for clients. So, we thought we would compile a list of sure shot pointers that indicate your website is in need of a makeover.

It is outdated                                                                  

If you are looking at your website right now and you feel like it’s too old, it most definitely is. And your customers are most likely to think the same way as well. The first and foremost reason to redesign your website is because it is 2018 and your website was designed way back in 2007. No customer would like to see an old, outdated website that is difficult to navigate. Especially, since the customer can choose between competitors. You have to make a strong impression through your website and a website that was designed decades back most certainly will fail to do so. Technology has changed massively over the years and your website needs to reflect that. You need to incorporate the latest design, keep updating the content and functional elements to your website and make sure that your website works on all modern browsers.

Your website and your current marketing strategy are not aligned

Every business needs to have a business and marketing strategy. So, if you don’t yet have a strategy defined for your business, do it right now! It is imperative that your website should always reflect your current business objectives and overall marketing strategy. It should be an authentic reflection of your brand. Your website is a crucial tool in promoting any branding transformation that your business is going. You most definitely need a website redesign if you have not updated your website with the introduction of new services or a change in your business strategy.

Your marketing and sales goals are most likely to evolve with time. It is important that your website is working towards achieving those goals as well. Google analytics, query forms and a great CTA are some of the elements that you must add to your website. You must take some time to go over your present business objectives. If your website is not actively contributing to their completion, it is time for a website redesign.

Your target audience has matured

Your website is the most important catalyst in your sales efforts. It must, therefore, always cater to the prospective visitors’ needs and deliver the exact information they require. You need a website redesign if your current website does not facilitate your current buyer’s journey. With audiences evolving over time, it is possible that your buyer personas would also change. Change in demographics, behavior and overall buyer journeys require that your website also changes and works towards moving your evolved audience down the sales funnel. With an increase in social media traffic, a lot of user behavior has expanded. Research on your buyer personas from time to time and map out their buyer journeys to ensure that your website is fulfilling their needs.

Your website lacks a great User Experience

This kind of continues from the previous point. You know it is time for a website redesign if your website does not deliver a good user experience. Visitors don’t want to return to a website that gives them a bad experience. Difficult to navigate, slow load time, irrelevant complexities, non-mobile friendliness are just some of the aspects that can lead to frustrating user experience. If your website is not responsive across devices, you most definitely want to redesign your website. Your website’s aim, other than to convert sales, should be to deliver an enjoyable and seamless experience to the visitors. For this, you need to understand your user intent and work continuously to improve your user interface and user experience. Check out the processes we follow here at Dreamscape when we design UI/UX for our clients.

Your website is not SEO friendly

Organic search still enjoys the majority share of a website’s traffic. If your website is not to search engine optimized, it is time for a website redesign. Search is the most likely gateway through which your customers find you. And you have to ensure that your website is present when your customers are looking for services that your business offers. Creating SEO friendly website is crucial to your online presence. Creating quality landing pages, drafting content that is search engine optimized, regularly updating it, writing blogs and other long and short forms of content and taking care of all your technical SEO – are responsibilities that are imperative to a website that intends to show up in the search results pages. Conduct an SEO audit for your website regularly and if you think that your website needs to be updated to meet its SEO goals, make sure you are redesigning it that way.

Redesigning a website is not a small task or investment but if done right, it pays great dividends in the long run. Examine your website regularly based on changing user behavior, major changes in your services or change in your marketing strategies. Make sure that your website is aligned with your business’s core values and services. If you are not happy with the results, do not hesitate to go for a website revamp.

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