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The era of animated logos – Why you must invest in them!

Suprotim Gupta

Often times, brands are identified more by their logos than their names. And why not? After-all, it is the most recognizable element. To cite a personal example, I recognize cars more by their logos than their names as I have a hard time remembering the latter. Same goes for a lot of athletes. You might not recognize all of them by their names but by the teams they play for, as you are so used to identifying teams by their logos.

Apart from popular brands, logos are also used on websites and social media. So imagine, if your static logo starts floating around. They can be either telling a story, or they explain what your brand does in a few seconds. You might have guessed where I am going with this. It’s the era of animated logos!

Animated logos have become an important asset for marketing and brand identity. Brands have started hiring motion designers to change their static logos into something fresh and exciting. The outcome? UIs that turn out to be an absolute visual delight. So, why are companies investing so much in them? Let’s discuss it by putting out the top 5 reasons why brands are madly in love with animated logo designs.

1. Brand awareness level – over 9000!

Being a Dragon ball Z fan, it is hard to resist using over 9000 alongside word level! But, it’s the perfect metaphor that shows how beneficiary animated logos are to your brand awareness.

It is a proven fact that our brain processes videos better than images. The same happens with logos. It may take multiple interactions for a person to remember a static logo, but an animated one will be embedded in their minds. Thanks to color, motion and sound, it makes your brand look alive. First impression can be the last impression and animated logos allows you make a good one.

2. It makes you look unique and creative

What separates a normal brand from a top brand is originality, creativity and an emotional connection with the audience. A static logo may identify you but an animated logo invites them into your world. And audiences dig that as it satisfies their curiosity to know more about you. Of course, there is Google for information, but why miss out on a chance to create an animation that conveys the vibe of your brand instantly? Animated logos for the win!

3. Inspires positivity

What if your animated logo triggers so much joy and excitement in your users that it coaxes them to scroll through the website more? Congratulations, you have successfully imprinted your brand in the minds of your target audience.

Amidst their regular lives, people love to see something which is fresh, original and more importantly, emits a positive vibe. Animated logos hit the nail on the head. If these criteria are matched, there is a great chance that your brand is associated with something pleasant.

4. Your social media will light up

If you have observed on Facebook or Instagram, most of the logo design videos don’t last beyond a minute. Even Google’s logo animation lasts only 8 seconds! Why is that? To capture our attention.

Recent studies have found that an average Human attention spans about 10 seconds. So posting something on social media which is short but exciting captures your target audience. Also, since animated logos are device friendly, you can take advantage of an already surging mobile audience.

5. It is not expensive

“Look at this logo! It’s animation is fantastic and makes for good user experience. Too bad it will cost a bomb.”

No, it won’t. There is a misconception that creating an animated logo will eat up a lot of the company’s budget. On the contrary, it is very easy to produce. Think this away – this is a one time investment which can be used in different ways for many more years to come. Sounds like an exciting prospect, right?

Famous animated logos

As I described above, the main objective of an animated logo is to be fresh and exciting, while making an emotional connection with the target audience. And that is exactly how we are going to end this piece – popular animated logos that you have connected with in your day-to-day lives. Enjoy!

1. Google

2. Coca cola

3. Pepsi

4. Samsung

5. LG (From 1995 till 2016)

6. Apple

7. Cartoon Network

8. The Barclays Premier league

9. Godrej

10. Snapdeal

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