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Exciting web design trends to watch out for in 2019

Nikita Roy

It’s 2019 and we are in the final year before hitting the decade.

Over the last decade, the internet has grown and evolved in exciting and innovative ways. Mobile has surpassed desktop and Artificial Intelligence continues to seep into greater aspects of technological advancements.

And with all these advancements and innovations, web design trends continue to experiment with creativity, break rules and grow.

What remains the same is the focus on positive user experience and intuition based user interactions.

Here’s looking at the top web design trends that will rule the roost in 2019.

1. Chatbots

2018 saw the emergence of Artifical Intelligence and the use of chatbots on websites to fuel user interaction. 2019 will see chatbots continue to move into the spotlight. As AI and machine learning advance, our chatbots will continue to become smarter and more efficient.

From answering customer queries to making suggestions based on user behavior and even making decisions on behalf of the user, chatbots will continue to rise and rule this year. One of our favorites chatbot examples from StoryChief

web design trends chatbots


2. Scroll stories

Storytelling has been the answer to all user experience objectives for quite some time now. 2019 will see the rise of visual storytelling through scrollable content.

A scroll is compelling, easy to use, builds a strong narrative to a webpage and creates the curiosity in the user to continue reading further – goals that every website aspires to achieve. And you can always let your creativity run wild through scroll designs.

web design trends-2019_ScrollStoryTelling

3. Organic, fluid shapes

The web design industry already grew out of symmetric grids and geometric structures a while ago. 2019 will see designers and brands make the bolder move towards broken grids, asymmetrical designs and imperfect shapes.

The trend towards natural, fluid designs will continue to shape up with emphasis on depth of design, spontaneity and comfort.

We love what Sweet does on their About Us section.

web design trends-2019_FluidShape

4. BnW palettes

The Bold and beautiful trend will continue to dominate the web design color palettes as well this year.

Brands use color to set unique identification, cultivate a mood, set a tone of voice and guide the users through visual landmarks.

The clarity of the white and the bold, assertive tone of the black combines to bring out a striking visual feel and 2019 will be all about embracing this aesthetic and setting strong, impressive statements.

web design trends-2019_BnW

5. More videos

Video content was all the rage in 2018 and it continues to be the most sought after form of content in design in 2019 as well.

Today’s brand audience with lowering attention spans and swift decision taking abilities prefer videos over static content. Videos diversify the page design, aid customer interaction and cater best to the on-the-go audience who are running short on time.

Videos as hero section, on important lead generation web pages and before your CTA sections are a great way to engage the user.

With Google’s move toward mixed search page results, featuring video content above standard web pages, websites in 2019 will prioritize video content in order to make themselves easily searchable and offer user engagement in the most efficient, shareable way.

web design trends-2019_Video

6. Minimalism

Less is more remains the go-to mantra for web design in 2019. Interactive visual elements will provide web pages more room to space out the content.

More whitespace, less clutter, not too many distracting elements, clear typography and clean UI will dominate design trends.

Going minimal gives your user more time to take in your website’s useful content and information without wasting time on distracting stuff. Bold colors mixed with strong typography and considerable white space gives a website a classy finesse.

web design trends-2019_Minimalism



Which of these web design trends are you going to use in 2019? Are there any more trends we missed out? Tell us in the comments.

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