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6 free SEO tools you absolutely need for your SEO efforts

Nikita Roy

Search engine optimization can be overwhelming and confusing. Especially if you are just starting out with it. With Google rolling out new updates  in the market every few months and a plethora of SEO analysis tools available in the market for search engine optimizing your website, it becomes difficult to manage your SEO efforts.

The amount of information available is gigantic. Finding out what works and what not for you can be taxing.There is a vast number of free and paid SEO tools available in the market today. Whether you need assistance with keyword research, link building, competitor analysis or an overview of your website’s SEO score, there are a variety of tools that give you what you want.

Sometimes, it is not possible to go out there and test each and every SEO tool to figure out what works for you. So, to make your job easier, we have compiled a list of these FREE SEO tools for 2018.

All these tools are absolutely free and serve different purposes. Based on your requirement, you can use any or a combination of these SEO tools for your website or blog. Let’s check out the list! 


Best for: Content optimization, technical SEO

SEOptimer is a great tool for a swift and easy SEO analysis of your website. It analyses your website and lists out the issues that your site has. It grades your website and gives a score basis the parameters of SEO, Usability, Performance, Social and Security.

It also lists down the issues under each parameter so that you can work upon it. SEOptimer is a handy tool for a quick roundup of your technical SEO issues. Sitemaps, keyword consistency, content, broken links, headers – SEOptimer’s SEO grading lists down all aspects of your SEO issues. SEOptimer also gives you the option of downloading the report in PDF format, embedding the changes into your website and getting help for your SEO activities. However, to avail these services, you’ll need to sign up for the premium version.

Overall, SEOptimer is a great tool, even with its free features for a quick look into your content and technical SEO aspects, as well as to analyse the mobile friendliness and performance of your website. 

Open SEO Stats

Best for: technical SEO

Open SEO Stats is a chrome extension and dandy SEO tool for your website.

With the click of a button, it shows you a list of information about your website like the Alexa traffic ranking, Google PageRank, number of pages indexed, number of backlinks, security issue and a lot more. The extension is completely free of cost and quite helpful for a detailed analysis of your site.

Plugin SEO

Best for: technical SEO

Plugin SEO is another quick SEO tool for fixing the high-level technical SEO issues of your website. Though it does not provide a detailed analysis as SEOptimer does, the free plugin SEO does a decent job in recommending out the basic SEO issues.

For the paid version, you can even get the issues fixed by the SEO experts.

SEO & Website Analysis – Woorank

Best for: technical SEO, content optimization, competitor analysis

SEO & website analysis tool by Woorank is another great chrome extension that checks the SEO health of your website. It gives a score on 100 based on your SEO, usability, mobile, technologies, backlinks, social presence and a few more parameters. This SEO tool provides you a detailed list of issues that you need to optimize and fix.

The SEO section is especially laid out with extensive details. From title to meta tags, headers, keyword consistency, sitemaps, robots file, image attributes to links and blog, the list is exhaustive and really helpful. You can access all of these features free of cost and at the push of a button.

While you can, of course, analyze your own website with SEO & website analysis tool, it is also a highly useful tool for competitor analysis. You can see the traffic estimates of your competitor’s website, their social pages and the technologies they are using . A great tool to have that is easy to use and highly efficient.


Best for : keyword research, content optimization

LSIGraph is a neat SEO tool when it comes to your keyword research process. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing are keywords that are semantically linked to your keywords. Use of LSI keywords is a smart way of search engine optimizing your content.

These keywords, which are related to your main keyword (but are not synonyms) should be used in your content to help search engines understand the intent and the overall meaning of your content.

You can use LSI keywords to strategically bind your content together and avoid keyword stuffing at the same time. However, researching LSI keywords is generally not an easy task. LSIGraph helps to ease this job by generating a host of LSI keywords when you input the main keyword.

This, in turn, helps you improve your search engine optimization ultimately helping your website rank in the search engine results pages. 


Best for: keyword research, content optimization

Keys4uP is another highly recommended tool for your content optimization efforts. It is also an LSI generator. Unlike most keyword suggestion tools, Keys4Up understands the actual meaning of the main keyword you type in and suggests related keywords around that theme. You can register for free on the website to access a host of related keywords for your topic. Without registration, the tool lists out around 10 related keywords. Use Keys4Up together with LSIGraph to get an exhaustive list of LSI keywords for your content. 


If you are just starting out with search engine optimizing your website or blog, the gigantic scale of things to do and information to consume can overpower you. Take a breather and prepare a list of actions based on priority. You would probably want to start out with technical SEO followed by content optimization. These SEO tools will help you get your job done. You can also go through this blog SEO checklist that I wrote earlier. Once you are in a better position and can see some positive results, you can also check out other paid tools for taking your SEO efforts to the next level.

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