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Life after engineering


By Madhumita Chatterjee

Hello World!

Everyone has a dream. You, I, your friends, your family and even people whom you might not have met. We all choose different paths to fulfill our respective dreams. Today, I am here to share something about passion. I believe that if there is not enough passion in your dreams then it cannot be fulfilled. While growing up I discovered a lot of things about myself. I was a quick learner and hence I used to pick up different sports and arts very quickly.

I knew I wanted to do something which gives happiness and solves problem of general public. I was quiet interested in the field of technology. I always had a curiosity to know that how things are appearing on a computer screen and how does a computer process my commands and data which I give it as input. This curiosity led me to opt for computer engineering for my graduation.

Life during Engineering

Engineering gave me the theory behind making of computers. Engineering elucidated me with concepts of different operating systems, different programing languages and introduced me to the world of web and apps. Though I was studying about all these topics, I still felt that the action is missing. We were not really implementing something which brought all the theories live. I was still waiting for that one eureka moment where I could do something with real life project. Finally I got an internship in a MNC. There I learnt a lot about how computer applications work. Few days passed by and I started feeling that life has become very monotonous. Well if you look from my perspective, the MNC had made their employees like robots. There was no creativity and in fact there was no freedom of selecting the domain which an employee wants to go for. The employees who couldn’t do well had to just sit on bench with no projects for months. I was lucky enough to be an intern because they had given me freedom to choose my domain and contribute. May be because I was temporary. This experience made me clear about what to do ahead in my career.

Life after engineering: The real Life

By the end of my last year, I was looking for good companies and finally I got placed with Dreamscape Media Pvt. Ltd. From here the journey of real life started. When I came to this company, I found out that there were a range of projects and we were just a team of 15 people handling all these projects. Initially it was a bit difficult to handle multiple projects. The pressure is always very high and every project has its own priority. Every project came with new set of challenges which in turn helped in expanding my skill set. The best part of our team is, for every project the UI and UX and different use cases are discussed with the designers along with developers. This helps in reducing implementation time of entire project and different user mindsets can be analyzed. When a project finally goes live, most of the possible errors which can be made by a normal generic user are handled. Sometimes I used to not understand some part of code or the use of code, so our seniors guided me and taught me which I then used in other projects. I also learned about git repository system which is a perfect way to handle latest version of code. It also secures our code from getting deleted permanently. The work ethics are very good and all employees are very friendly and helpful.

The biggest thing that I learned in Dreamscape was time management and how to set priorities for every project. The whole team handles all their projects using a project management software and updates their project timeline daily. All this leads to a quality implementation of work rather than mere completion of work and project. During engineering, “Servers” were just a concept and today, I myself handle multiple servers for maintaining different websites. Literally, Dreamscape made me enter into real world. The amount of knowledge I got in these 4 months after joining is far more than 4 years of engineering. Dreamscape provided a proper amalgamation of theories and concepts of web apps with practical implementation of web apps. It is a place where your creativity is valued, your suggestions are valued and most importantly along with the clients, the team members are also valued. If you are looking for raw knowledge and if you are a computer freak and creative then Dreamscape is the perfect place to be and enhance your career and skillset.

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