BrandingOctober 12, 2017

Marketing the emoji way

Suprotim Gupta

Over the course of period, brands have targeted the interests of the people on the basis of the identity of their respective generations; whether it’s the hip-hop listeners of the 70’s or the insatiable taste for social media of the millennials.

In the past decade, the rise of social media has been so rapid that a new industry has been created out of it. Cross-platform instant messaging services like WhatsApp sounded out a death knell on text messaging. Emoticons have been replaced by graphic emojis, which acts as a near-perfect pictorial representation of your mood. You can wink, hug it out, show your love for the other person, and even depict what you are eating! All of that just by a single So how do brands use emojis creatively for their marketing? Well, they either make use of what’s available or create their own marketing campaigns via paid promotion.

Bud Light, on the eve of the American Independence day, tweeted the American flag with clever use of emojis. The fireworks represented the stars, the american flag depicted the red stripes and the white stripes were made  up of the product Bud Light is known for – beers.

Since Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool was directed as a movie for the comic superhero genre, it was imperative that it had to be marketed in a funny way – and they did. This gem of an idea was as straightforward as it gets.

An example of using emoji marketing for a noble cause, World Wide Fund (WWF) used these emojis of the endangered species to create an awareness about their status. Individuals, who signed up on WWF, had to donate 10 cents every time they used one of these emojis.

Craving for a pizza but too lazy to place an order? Ah, we have all been there. Dominoes addressed this issue. All we have to do is create a Domino’s account and a favorite order, then link our Twitter to the account. Once we tweet Domino’s with the pizza emoji, the piping hot pizza arrives at our doorstep!

While organic traffic has its own charm, Brands like Pepsi and the Indian Premier League (IPL) also took out campaigns to make it trend on social media and increase engagement with the users through paid promotion. This can be either advertisements on Facebook or promoted tweets on Twitter, where you will trend at the top wherever you want.

According to a study, 92% of the population love using emojis on a daily basis. Thus, it dispels the myth that emojis are only for the millennials. The mere fact that people across all age group are fascinated by these little expressions, which can convey their exact feelings about anything or anyone, has made emojis such a popular commodity. Companies use emojis in their every post on facebook, every tweet on twitter and on every photo on instagram. Why? It keeps users fixated on their phones and make them want to interact with you increases. As much as you want to market your product, the last thing you want to do is bore your audience. Emojis take completely take away the boredom factor out of the equation, if used correctly.

The beauty of emojis is that you do not need a translator to understand them. It’s self explanatory. And that is why, marketing them is easy and fun. Humanize your emojis. Use them in a way they talk to your audience. It make your reach will thus grow far beyond your comfort zone.


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