How is mobile marketing important & beneficial to you

Companies now know how important it is to capture the attention of the mobile audience. Therefore, you see a lot of aggressive mobile marketing campaigns being taken out by the major players in the market. That requires a right strategy in place from the marketing agency you are consulting. There are certainly a lot of benefits. Let’s talk about them more in detail.

1. It is cost-effective.

For every company that puts an extravagant marketing budget in place, there are several other companies that work on a shoestring marketing budget. But here lies the beauty of mobile marketing – you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to reach your customers via their mobile phones.

Its CPM or cost per thousand, a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage, is much lower than other marketing methods. Thus, it easily helps you setup a cost-effective marketing campaign and can also merge with other marketing channels like TV, print and social media.

Sending SMS’s out on a list of phone numbers is also another cost-effective strategy. The Average SMS Marketing Click-Through Rate is 36%. With an interesting SMS copy, you can easily connect with your audience.

A certain degree of cost effectiveness also lies in personalizing your mobile marketing. Personalized marketing is a powerful tool to have. How come? It adds to the benefit of customers in locating products relevant to them. And in a digital age like this, users are sticking to mobile more than ever. Thus, mobile marketing gives you access to a larger targeted audience, more than any other channel. By adding a smart personalized marketing strategy, you can influence customer behavior on purchases, and hardly spend a dime on it.

2. Instant impact.

While most marketing campaigns take time, mobile marketing campaigns make an instant impact. Users keep their mobile phones at an arm’s reach and, for most of the time, are bound to check their phone for instant notifications. This acts as a major factor for mobile marketing.

Immediacy is the norm and mobile marketing executes just that. Messages are delivered to recipients within seconds.

3. Predictive marketing helps user interaction.

Have you noticed how YouTube recommends you videos to watch based on your search history or Twitter suggesting you to follow certain people based on your current following? This is called predicative analysis.

So, in terms of marketing, how does this improve user interaction? By using predictive analysis, the marketer understands what the user looks for, in an app for example, and strives to improve for a better mobile-user engagement. Data for factors like the demographic of the audience, engaged users and elimination of unnecessary notifications gives us a holistic approach on how to move forward for two way user interaction.

4. Improves brand awareness.

Brand awareness has proved to be a powerful way in bringing recognition to business, build a loyal customer base and attract more customers through positive word-of-mouth referrals. Thus, in such a mobile based market, you can exploit opportunities and improve your brand awareness by creating apps for your business and market it. Like your customers, your brand can stay mobile too.

There are times when customers will buy products, without paying much attention to its brand. It then becomes difficult to cross sell them onto other products and services that are offered by that same brand. Thus, mobile marketing increases your brand awareness by creating a permanent imprint of your brand on the minds of the customers. What if they can’t recall the name? No problem. Your logo and the quality of products will be enough to create an impression and thus makes the customers buy your other products.

5. Influences purchase decision.

Thanks to mobiles, information is easily accessible for any average user. So are purchases. You don’t have in a queue anymore to buy a product, you can just order it sitting on your couch. Consumers have all the information in the world before they purchase. As a result, interests on a product are being converted into sales. With such power in the hands of the customer, it becomes imperative for the brand to market the product in the right way.

It’s also plausible that a consumer buys your product straight-away after checking it out. For example, while scrolling through Instagram’s feed, someone buys an advertised product based on the sales pitch and possible discounts, without having second thoughts. This is known as an impulse purchase – the thing that one buys without planning to do so in advance.

Impulse purchases are becoming a thing. Consumers love the luxury of instant gratification and mobile marketing helps you grab their attention and thus, hit the right spots.

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