Social Media Marketing – Expectations vs Reality

social media marketing-expectations vs reality

Are you one of those people who think it must be so cool to be paid for spending time on social media all day?

Do you also believe that social media marketing is the easiest and most fun jobs out there?

Are you one of those who crib about his or her job and wishes your life were as “easy” as a social media manager?

Well, then this blog post is exactly what you need, my friend.

Because there are a lot of misconceptions about working in social media. And the job is not as rosy as it looks on the outside. Having been working in this field for some time now, I have today taken this upon myself to break a few myths about social media marketing.

Let’s begin, shall we?



All you have to do is post on the social media platform.


Umm..NO! Posting on social media is just one of the mid-way tasks. A full time social media manager is not only responsible for posting, but also for preparing a social media calendar, planning the posts weeks and months in advance, designing the posts, setting the tone for captions, going back and forth with client approvals and then monitoring the engagement on each post for a multitude of channels.

Bet you didn’t know that, did you?


Liking and commenting on profiles is a fun job.


Sure! But not so much so when you have to actually analyse the type of content you must engage with. A social  media person has to be really tactful while liking and commenting on other accounts. You have to know the niche, the competition, the people who are relevant to your business, be very aware of when those accounts are posting, have to utilize tools for social listening and most often use automated tools for help.

Told ya, it’s not all hunky-dory over here!


You don’t need a lot of hard work for social media.


Hmm..well. Let’s see. As a social media manager, you are almost all the time thinking about creative ways to create content (even in your sleep), learning new tools on a everyday basis, keeping on track with all the topical news and social media updates, experimenting with newer updates and answering difficult client questions and tracking user engagement patterns and business objectives.

Sorry, what was that you said about hard work again?


You get paid for stalking people on social media? Wow!


No, we get paid for stalking the right people. And striking conversations with them. And making reports on them. And coming up with ideas and strategies based on the reports. And then executing those ideas with tangible results.


What do you mean that social media marketing involves a lot of data?


What I mean is analyzing user and competitor data is one of the most important tasks of a social media manager. We usually do it on a monthly basis. We use tools like Google Analytics to understand the behavior and pattern of people who engage with our content. This analysis then helps us understand what is working and what is not for our brand or the client’s brand. All future content we create are then based on this understanding. And the cycle repeats.


So to sum it up, a social media marketer’s job is not only to make memes and watch cat videos all day. It involves a lot of hard work, strategic planning, creativity and communication skills. And it is a round-the-clock job. Sometimes, you cannot even draw the line between leisure and work.

Sure, we have our fun along the way. And sometimes, we will find ourselves watching marketing Gifs all day. But our thinking hats are always on and the clock is always ticking!


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  • Thank you for sharing such a nice post…
    Social Media is great platform for those who wants to increase customer reach. But, few of them get success because they use proper techniques and ideas.
    The basic tip for getting success in social media is that choose the right audience at right time. You cannot promote your post or product to the wrong audience.

  • Thank You for such a nice article about social media marketing
    And Yes, not just youth but all the businessman and other marketer also use social media for lead generation but we need to know that social media is mostly used for brand consideration not just to get lead. Social Media creates a relation between customer and businessman and this the reality of social media we need to understand.

  • Thanks for sharing this useful information about working process on social media. social media marketing is not actually a fun job as it requires a lot of work to do and also it is necessary to be in link with social media on regular basis.

  • Thank You for Sharing such a nice Article
    Social Media Plays the biggest role to brand a business that is what a every digital marketer or Social Media Expert tells you but the another side of Social Media is that the chances of getting leads through Social Media is very Low.

  • I am a digital marketer as well and i just started my career before 6 months and these are valuable tips to learn. thanks for the sharing

  • I really like your blogs. According to me, when a business plans to have a digital presence so it is very necessary for a business to go for Custom Website Development which can showcase their business digitally.

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