Marketing the emoji way

Over the course of period, brands have targeted the interests of the people on the basis of the identity of their respective generations; whether it’s the hip-hop listeners of the 70’s or the insatiable taste for social media of the millennials. In the past decade, the rise of social media has been so rapid that a new industry has been created out of it. Cross-platform instant messaging services like WhatsApp sounded out a death knell on text messaging. Emoticons have

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Branding in the age of social media

A decade ago, when Facebook was literally going places, brands thought of social media as a potential opportunity to cash in. It was heralded as the arrival of the golden age for brand companies. Creative agencies, technologists and data analysts were hired to put the brands on the digital world map and dig up whatever is fashionable and trendy in the current market. Unfortunately, they had nothing to show for their efforts and brands were left stranded with their failed

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Packaging is half the message delivered

In the last few weeks, we have had an overwhelming number of requests for designing Powerpoint presentations. The clients are diverse; a design agency wanting to profile themselves for an investor pitch, two government organizations presenting national projects to their committee members, a corporate profile for a technology company, and an ad agency wanting to present a storyboard for a TVC using Powerpoint. Here’s what was common across all of them: The turnaround time requested was one day, often less

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