A beginner’s guide to Responsive Web Design

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You’ve probably heard about Responsive Web Design a lot. Back in the day, web developers used to design websites that were viewed only on desktop devices. As technology advanced, the attention span of internet users kept on shrinking as did the size of the devices they used and users began looking for information at the tip of their fingers. Quite literally! With all these drastic developments, having a single website fit only for an individual device obviously made little sense.

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Going from android dev to product dev in 6 months

By Neha Kulkarni I came to this city of dreams called Mumbai a year and a half ago. Everyday was a struggle to learn new things – be it traveling by train or catching an auto (those who don’t live here , let me tell you it is very difficult). I had very little experience as an Android developer. When I finally settled down in Mumbai to look for an opportunity, I came to know about this company named Dreamscape

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Importance of Style guide – A key document in maintaining visual hierarchy.

Creating a visual style guide is fast becoming a common practice for UI designers, especially when dealing with content for heavy sites or applications. With the help of style guide, designers are able to maintain a particular look and feel, by creating a set of design components that keeps visual hierarchy throughout application. By creating style guides, the process becomes flexible, can be easily updated and is consistent. Style guides preciously saves your time and money when starting out new

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