The Challenge

Positioning the ubiquitous bag as a lifestyle product. And of course it had to be an intuitive mobile experience.

The journey was challenging because it was a new brand, attempting a new marketing approach to build a multifaceted platform. It wasn't just a site selling bags. It was a marketplace platform. It was a loyalty engine. It was a content platform. It was a designer hub. It was also fulfilling because we were able to be part of the initial concept till go-live. Endless discussions and wireframes and features and wireframes later, we emerged with a plan. Endless coffee and designs and feedback and designs later, we emerged with the final product. 7 months of Dreamscape time well spent, we think.


  • E-commerce behaviourial research and competition benchmarking
  • Responsive design and front-end development
  • Wordpress and Magento theme integration

Services Provided

  • UX
  • UI
  • Front End