When a client asked us to come up with how their NGO partners should genuinely tell the world about the good work they were doing, it got us thinking. How should corporates approach storytelling for their CSR initiatives?

Your Voice

CSR initiatives in every organization need a voice to be “heard and seen” for what they are trying to achieve.

1. Heartfelt

Unlike corporate communication which is a matter of fact, CSR communication is all about matters of the heart.

2. Unique

Busy audiences in a noisy world don’t connect with a better voice but do notice
a unique one.

3. Authentic

Be authentically you because everyone else is taken.

Your Story

  • Build a meaningful and honest narrative
  • Convey what you do and why it needs doing
  • Lead the audience into your world and the worlds of those impacted by your work
  • Trust them with your deepest beliefs
  • Make them the keepers of your story
  • Storytelling and sharing has incredible power

The power of your story is when
others want to tell (share) it.

David Hieatt | The DO Lectures

Some Powerful Stories

Told honestly; viewed enormously.

Olay | #STEMTheGap | 23 million views
Samsung | #EqualOpportunities | 4.5 million views
Ariel | See The Signs & #ShareTheLoad | 72 million views

Storytelling in CSR

  • Storytelling helps connect with the CSR initiative at an emotional level
  • The brand takes a backseat with zero /subtle presence
  • The spotlight is on CSR work – its importance and impact
  • The human story makes the cause relatable, likeable and shareable