Bollywood Bubble
Bollywood Bubble

Giving a transformational makeover to India’s leading Bollywood news website

What We Built

UI/UX for India’s premier Bollywood news and trends website.

The Bollywood Bubble Story

That Indians are crazy about our movies is no secret. And as die-hard Bollywood fans, they love to feed on every bit of news and gossip and that there is about the industry. Bollywood Bubble approached us with the idea of capturing this emotion of the average Indian movie buff. They wanted to rebuild their old Bollywood news website into a more contemporary, extensive and engaging platform.

The Challenge

A platform that runs news and gossip on movies and movie celebrities can tend to be spammy and messy. Bollywood Bubble’s old website was cluttered and lacked a story and direction. We needed to organize and rebuild it into a coherent platform that was crisp, alluring, attractive and had a visual hierarchy. And all of this had to fit within the vision of a dynamically changing news platform.



Our primary objective when it came to the website’s design was to do away with the old, boxy layout and give it a crisp and contemporary look.

We started off by creating a new sitemap for the website. Website sections were segregated strategically to reflect Bollywood Bubble’s key service areas. We also gave a fun twist to the search box at the top bar.

Photographs and visuals play an important role in a celebrity news website. To retain this feature, we placed image placeholders on each section of the website that hold dynamic images. As an added design element, we gave image tags below each image placeholder to make the images pop out and give a clean user experience.

Mobile Experience


The frontend is crafted to deliver an immersive user experience, blending modern aesthetics with user-friendly navigation. Our backend development integrates a robust content management system, ensuring seamless organization and updating of the latest Bollywood news and gossip. This empowers Bollywood Bubble to stay current and engage the passionate Indian movie audience.


The new version of Bollywood Bubble runs true to its name - the website is bright and bubbly in its look and feel, the layout is clean and crisp, the navigation simple and intuitive and the website radiates an overall positive user experience that allows visitors to engage with the platform better than ever before.

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