A web based application

that invests your spare change from everyday transactions into a diversified cryptocurrency Portfolio


What we Built

A cryptocurrency microinvesting application that offers its users the opportunity to enter the world of cryptocurrency investing using their spare change.

The Chillur Story

Founders Prashant Rajkhowa and Kailash Chandrasekaran approached us with a product idea that was equal parts exciting, intriguing and market disruptive. Working with clients who are innovators and have a clear focus on what they want is always a great pleasure and that was precisely our experience with the Chillur team.

Our brief for Chillur was to build a web application that was simple and intuitive on the front with a highly secure backend.

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The Challenge

As excited we were about taking up the project, we were also aware of the immense amount of challenge it brought in. Being a fintech product in a niche of rising market interest, the application had to have an exceptionally strong backend integration. We required an extremely robust framework that could handle the heavy integration with the bank APIs for which we needed to write some remarkably great lines of code.


The Process


Our primary objective when it came to the website’s design was to do away with the old, boxy layout and give it a crisp and contemporary look.

We started off by creating a new sitemap for the website. Website sections were segregated strategically to reflect Chillur’s key service areas. We also gave a fun twist to the search box at the top bar.


A project in the cryptocurrency niche demanded the very best in its development technology. We worked with Angular for front-end and Laravel for the backend - two frameworks that we had never worked with before on any client project. It was an exciting learning experience for our development team who spent their time sitting over unhealthy amounts of code and coffee. Integrating the payment processes, initiating the identity verification and authorization and overcoming all API related challenges - we did it all with the help of a team that believes in facing hurdles head on and cruising through them.



A simple and powerful application that aligned with the vision of two exceptional entrepreneurs who identified an opportunity to combine the benefits of microinvesting with the rising interest in cryptocurrency as a new asset class.