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Simplify your HR

A cloud based service to automate core HR in small and medium sized organisations

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What we Built

A product for small and medium enterprises that automates all core HR processes within the organization - Attendance, Leaves, Expenses, Helpdesk, Employee Engagement and Employee Self Service.

The Teamnest Story

When it comes to employee management, organizations with 1- 50 employees rely mostly on exhausting excel sheets, physical biometric devices or worse, individual email conversations.

Moreover, most HR automation systems in the market only cater to larger organisations. Small and mid-level companies often struggle with the lack of a proper HR system. This leads to a chaotic and unprofessional environment.

We wanted to change this.

What if there was a platform for small and medium enterprises to manage all HR processes within the organization?

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The Challenge

Create a robust product to solve the need for SMEs to adopt an automated HR system.

We wanted to focus on 3 core usability features:

Checkbox 1Mobile Pay
Checkbox 2User friendliness
Checkbox 3High adoption rate

Our greatest challenge was to build a product entirely from scratch. Right from ideation, design, user experience to development. And make it effective enough to be adopted by a very niche target.


Domain Research

Over a 6-month period, we spent time talking to domain experts to better understand the market and the challenges. We talked, we finalized features and we made notes.

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Product Build

Wireframes : We sketched, experimented and built prototypes.

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We wanted to keep the interface clean and the experience extremely friendly. Positive colors, simple typography and clear iconography framed our interface.


While our core focus was mobile play, we also wanted to develop Teamnest as a hybrid application.

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We hit Go Live on a product that simplifies management processes for small and medium enterprises. With Teamnest, the management can now have quick access to important statistics of each member in the organisation.

The application currently has 450 registered employees. Teamnest is still in evolution mode as we continue to add new and improve existing features.