Transforming a business idea into a memorable brand experience.

What We Built

A complete brand experience for a new restaurant business that traces its roots back to a history of food saga and expertise.

The Masalasam Story

Mr. Gopalkrishna Kamath is the third generation owner of the iconic Madras Cafe and Hotel Gopal in Mumbai. He came to us with an idea of carrying forward the tradition of being self-made entrepreneurs and passionate food lovers through his new South Indian food cafe.

Our brief was to take this passion project idea and transform it into an impactful brand. We took over the complete brand strategy process - from giving it a unique name to building its digital presence and designing the entire online and offline brand collateral.

The Challenge

The bar was set high for us. Mr Gopalkrishna’s family have been food veterans and experienced business owners since the pre-independence era. Our main challenge was to build a contemporary brand while maintaining the history and legacy of the family name.



For the digital portfolio, we wanted to use the family business’ history to craft an engaging story. For this, we complimented the brand story page with simple and elegant caricatures that adds a nostalgic feel to the page.

Simple, conversational fonts and a lot of aesthetically pleasing images formed the core of our website design. Utilizing the same color palette as in the offline collateral helped us retain the brand consistency. We also used a few illustrations above the CTA buttons to add some fun element.


Our first task was to brainstorm for a brand name. We wanted to capture the essence of an authentic South Indian kitchen and add a unique twist to it. With “Masalasam”, we hit jackpot. “Masalasam” is a palindrome - it reads the same both forwards and backwards, which gives it the uniqueness we wanted.

We also played with something new when it came to designing the logo. So we decided to design the text as Devnagri alphabets overlapped with their English counterparts- something that gives the brand a creative identity. Red with a sprinkling of yellow became our color scheme to signify the rich flavor of Indian spices.

Being a food business, visual aesthetics was a crucial part of the branding process. We incorporated a lot of graphics and illustrations to add life to the designs. Menu cards, pamphlets, brochures and even the store interiors - we ensured the branding was consistent throughout.



The frontend design captivates visitors with an intuitive interface, showcasing the rich South Indian culinary heritage. Navigation is user-friendly, encouraging exploration of the menu and creating a visually delightful online dining experience. Our frontend development focuses on responsiveness, ensuring that customers can access the website effortlessly across devices.


Our brand strategy for Masalasam helped the business achieve a unique brand positioning in the market. With a contemporary digital presence and an engaging history, the brand was able to carrying forward the family legacy of bringing authentic taste and great service to every customer.



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